I was inspired by one of your coordinates you posted, and wore a similar outfit on a date! We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and rode a ferris wheel together, too. Thank you!! I felt so cute and happy!!
More coor. Outfits! Can you link to sites that have english option or have the option to ship to international. Not saying you're doing it, but a lot of people always use japanese sites or korean sites that don't have either options.
to me Koreans who pretend like they don't understand or speak Korean when they actually do annoy me because they think it's "cool" or they're not proud of being Korean. There are a lot of them in my school and I'm so annoyed. ugh
Hi! Have you ever ordered shoes from Gmarket? I want to order some shoes from Gmarket, and I was wondering if their shoe sizes run smaller? Since clothes over there run small...I was just wondering if it's the same for shoes! It's hard to read the reviews on their site since they're all in Korean and google translate does not help at all. /:
가끔 [Sometimes]
are you in college?? what are you majoring in?
what kind of physical features do you define "pretty"?
wow you look like gong hyo jin!! you are really pretty :-)
스탠딩 에그